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In the year 2000… Rick started chasing his dream of working in the music industry. It started off slow, finding areas he could work in and things that he could do. The most common task that he found is that bands and promoters needed Flyers, CD Covers, and Websites. So he got involved in the area that he saw had the most need. Falling back on skills that he had learned in High School, and teaching himself the trade he started working in Graphic and Web Design to fill the needs of the local music industry. After years of this he took a break from the local music scene to focus on his family and young children.

Still in the time of that break he took freelance designer jobs, and creating graphics for companies. After a vacation in Colorado, and then in Las Vegas while taking pictures he saw people with great cameras that got him considering investing in his own DSLR camera.  He had always had an interest in Photography taking pictures during family vacations and high school. Eventually in 2010 he took the leap an made his first investment in a camera. He invested his time in learning photography, and taught himself the basics, from there he just needed the chance to work to perfect his craft. His first jobs as a photographer were with Pop Culture, and Anime conventions. He really fell in love with taking pictures and creating great images. In 2011, after watching a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert he began to feel the pull towards getting involved in music again.

After the TSO concert he started shooting concerts at Conventions to get his first shots and get better. He kept his eye out with his friends still in music, and took his first chance to come back to the music scene. The first chance back  was covering Twiztid in concert. This opportunity was thanks to the friendships that he had made back when he was working in music originally. From there he got involved with other music groups that he saw with potential. He got involved with Bulletproof and the Fool around this time working with them, and taking every opportunity to work with new artists.

After years of working with the headlining artists of shows he developed an amazing Concert Portfolio and is one of the rising starts of Concert and Event Photographers from the Midwest. He has started travelling the country to work with more artists and to get more opportunities in more areas. Travelling with musicians across the country on tour to capture new images and to network in new areas he has been spreading his art across the country.

Due to popular demand by clients and friends he decided to move into working with Video next. Teaching himself how to film and edit video he has been learning how to shoot and put together video projects. He has been working on developing his own series with fresh original content ideas. Including developing a semi regular Video Blog (Vlog) as a means to show his work and give a behind the scenes look at the things that he does.

In late 2016 he was given the chance to work with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, shooting their concert in Chicago. He was very excited to work with one of the inspirations of his to even get involved in music again. He has had the chance to work with several groups that he saw as inspirations or idols that he looked up to.

Moving into 2017 he has plans to expand the people that he is working with and get into more forms of photography. His year filling up with Weddings, Portraits, as well as his Concerts and other projects in the industry.

Aside from Photography, Graphic/Web Design, and Video he really enjoys Candy Making and Resin Jewelry. He has been working on those projects as well more as a hobby but can be found over on the Crafty As Fox page.

Some of the clients he has been lucky to work with are:


Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Tech N9ne
Insane Clown Posse
Jelly Roll


Gen Con
Anime-World Expo
Indiana Comic Con
Indy Pop Con