New things Coming to Red Fox Indy

I have decided it is time to start using this blog to keep you informed in what is going on with Red Fox Indy. First off we have to say thank you to everyone out there that has been supporting Red Fox Indy. Your support means the world to me, and I cannot do this without you. You help me to keep creating and keep getting out there and trying new things.
 So what new is coming to Red Fox Indy? There are quite a few things actually. We are going to be designing an entirely new, from top to bottom. It is still going to be the home of my portfolio, but I am going to start adding Galleries, Eye Candy, and even more. Still working on all of the details, but I really want to improve the website to bring you even more functionality from RFI.
 We have already started another company, Crafty as Fox. What is Crafty as Fox? Well it is going to be my art. RFI will continue to be my home to make media such as Photography, Video, Websites, and visual media. Crafty as Fox is going to feature other work that I want to do. I have already been making quality chocolates in fun shapes for everyone. I started making Resin Jewelry already as well. On the horizon, I will be making even more candies, and trying new fun things to sell. I will be making all kinds of things over at Crafty as Fox, which gives me another artistic outlet to work with and keep making fun things! You can check out Crafty as Fox at: There is not a ton of stuff over there yet, but I am still making the crafts that are going to populate the page. We will be selling our creations on the webpage, Etsy, Big Top Creations (Coming to a show near you), and we are looking into Art Shows and Conventions as well. Any profit made from Crafty as Fox will all be applied to Fund Red Fox Indy. We have several upgrades in equipment that we want to get, and this is a way that you can support me and help us out!
 New projects are also on the way, we are collaborating with other artists to get out and be able to do more. We will be on tour with Bulletproof & the Fool with Damien Quinn and Razakel touring the country. This will give me a chance to work with many of you that have wanted to work with Red Fox but could not afford the travel. We are planning to begin recording on the Everyone Loves Pizza show soon, and have been talking with production companies about getting them on Netflix, and maybe a network TV channel but that is all still in the air at this point. We have a couple other original content ideas that we are developing to release on our YouTube Channel.
 I have also been considering doing Daily Vlogging. This will give me a chance to keep you up to date on news with what we are up to. It will also give me a lot of video to work with and improve and try new things. It will also get me in the habit of creating something every day. I am curious to your opinions on all of this so please let me know! This blog is getting long so I am going to draw it to a close here. I hope to hear from you guys!
 – Rick

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Site is Live

Sorry to everyone that came to the site and it wasn’t exactly at it’s best. We had some server issues and we had to throw the site back together in a single evening. Things are still being worked on but more is coming! Thank you to everyone for your patience!