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Delivery of Files

Delivery of files in full resolution is guaranteed to take place within 2 weeks time after the shoot. Most times they will be delivered before the 2 week time frame, but we guarantee by the end of 2 weeks you will have your files. The time frame will be different for video projects. It can take up to 30 days to receive final files due to video editing time.

Method of Delivery

All files will be delivered Via Google Drive in a .zip file, if you have issue processing a .zip file. Upon request we can deliver a self contained .exe (Executable File) to self uncompress the files for you. If you prefer a physical copy to be delivered to you we have 2 options available to you for an additional fee.

DVD Disc – $5 per disk (Can hold up to 4.7gb)
Jump Drive – $20 (12 GB drive)

Plus $5 shipping for basic shipping or $10 for expedited shipping.

The amount of data needed per project heavily varies per shoot and we can discuss your needs. We can send your files at any point, but your files will be available without further fee via Google Drive within our delivery time frame. In event you ask for Physical media prior to Delivery of files, we guarantee your files will be post marked with Tracking by Delivery of Files date (2 Weeks Timeframe).

Rush Processing

If you need your files much sooner than the 2 week turn around, we have rush processing available for you. If you pay for rush processing we will literally put your job ahead of everything else and turn them out as fast as possible. We guarantee within 72 hours of Confirmation of Rush Processing Fee. We may be able to get them done before the 72 hour deadline but we guarantee delivery within 72 of confirmation. We will send you an email once we have been notified of payment. If you would like to expedite the notification please give us a call, our number is on the Contact page, or at the bottom right of this page.

Rush Processing fees are going to depend on the job, based off the fact that some jobs produce more images than others. Basic fee of $75 will be charged for all jobs yielding less than 4000 images. In case of 4000+ images an additional $75 will be required. There will be a leeway of 600 images. If you only have 4600 images we will not charge you the additional fee. Please contact us to find out how many images were available for your project.

How long we keep your Files

After initial delivery of files, we will have your files guaranteed for a further 30 days. After the 30 days after initial delivery we cannot guarantee we will have your files any longer. We try to keep client files for longer, but we have to make room for other projects on the hard drive but after 30 days we can delete your files to make room without notification. If you would like us to archive your files for future delivery we have an archival fee you may want to consider.

Archival Services

If you are interested in us archiving your photos there is a $50 bi-annual fee (Every 2 Years). Once archived, we guarantee your files will be available for delivery whenever you need them within that 2 year period. If you need your files just make an email request to us and we will have your files available to you via Google Drive, or Physical media delivery per the “Method of Delivery” above.

After end of 2 year period of Arching your files we will send you an email letting you know that your time has expired and give you 30 days to renew your Archival plan with us.

If you have multiple jobs with us during your 2 year archival period we will archive your future projects through the end of your 2 year period. It will not extend your archival period when you add a new project to your archive. If you would live to extend your archival period at time of new project we will pro rate your time to extend to 2 years from time of new project.


All images come with promotional use, and the right to print as many copies as you need for personal use. You do not retain the right to use the images for commercial purposes or to print in another medium without prior written permission. This can include but is not limited to Magazines, TV broadcast, or other for profit projects. We are more than willing to work with you in these cases but additional fees may apply, and are on a per situation basis, just contact us first.

In the event that the project is for a commercial purpose from the get go, it will be stated prior to the start of the project and covered in the contract. All commercial projects are limited to 500 copies per job, after this number of products are printed. Either you can purchase Exclusive rights to the image to print as many as you want, or additional royalties can be discussed.

Red Fox Indy retains full sale, promo, and manipulation rights to any project. If you would like to purchase Exclusive Rights to your files, we offer that service at an additional fee and the terms can be found below.

Exclusive Rights

Exclusive rights will be handled on a image by image basis, and will be discussed after images are delivered. The price of the exclusive rights are based off of your current market value. For instance… If you try to purchase exclusive rights after you sign a record deal, or get a contract to produce a major production, your current market value has appreciated and you will be paying more for them.