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End of Jan Review

Hey guys time to do another blog with updates for Red Fox Indy and Crafty as Fox, and to share my thoughts! Entering into February I find myself pretty busy. I have had new jobs coming in, and been collaborating with new people. I am happy to have the work, and I appreciate the people that I work with. Really hoping we can keep up the momentum that I have been building since December. We are looking towards getting some awesome upgrades this year to help with our video making. We are looking to add a Go Pro to our equipment to use in making semi daily vlogs, and add action shots for B-Roll. We are also looking into getting a drone so we can get different types of shots in video making. Really want them for the Pizza show that I am working on. Use shots of the pizzeria and surrounding areas.

Speaking of collaborating with people, there are several people that I am hoping we start working together soon. I am only waiting on deposits to make it official. If you are interested in working with me on your project contact me. The easiest ways to get a hold of me are my Facebook Page,  email me at greatkitsune@yahoo.com, Leave a Voicemail/Text to (317) 983-4369. Tell me what you need done and your budget for the project. I will give you a deposit amount from there. Once deposits are in we are going to start working on your project, or it locks your date in my schedule that you need me. Lot of people in the local music scene that I have been talking about working with, I am just waiting to work with you, hit me up. Just a refresher on the services that I offer: Photography, Video, Video Editing, Film Making, Graphics Design, Website Design & Maintenance, Social Media Marketing, Marketing, Merchandising, Project Management, Article/Review Writer, Resin Jewelry Maker, Candy Maker. We have hourly rates to get you started, or we have packages available. See 2017 Pricelist. 50% Deposit required to lock in certain dates for jobs that require certain dates. Let’s work guys, I want to make 2017 a year to remember. All funds are going to upgrades, and funding of Red Fox Indy Content.

We are developing a format for semi daily Vlogs, and working on getting different cameras to work with. Might just start using the main camera to do this. That is coming soon, just need to get in the habit of creating content regularly. If you have any ideas or would like to work on a project please get together with me to discuss the idea. Wanting to create regular video content.

Also have stuff up at Crafty as Fox which currently is just resin jewelry but there is more coming. Thanks for checking in!

– Rick

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