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Home / News / End of Feburary Review

End of Feburary Review

Hey guys! It’s the end of another month already so it’s time for me to do a End of the month review for Red Fox. February was actually much more active than I had thought it would have been. In previous years Jan and Feb have been dead times of the year where I spend more personal time than getting any work done. This year however I have been busy the entire month. I have had shoots, concerts, design jobs, and more… so it has been a pretty good month. Here are some of the images that we got with Twiztid last week.

We hope you enjoyed that peek at our Twiztid pictures and the rest can be found on our Facebook Page. That is where we post the bulk of our picture galleries so if you would like to see any of our previous show coverage that is the place to go. We try to post our highlights on Instagram but we are not as active on there and there is a long backup of images that we need to post there so things are a bit behind. In other news our group Bulletproof & the Fool released their highly anticipated new album this month and sales are doing very good on it. You can check it out on streaming media platforms, itunes, and pick up the album’s physical copy at their website or at any of their shows!

We completely redesigned the website this month, from top to bottom. Everything has been working beautifully and we are really happy with the new web presence. Now you can make payments towards your projects directly from our website through Paypal. We are working on giving you even more options to make it easier for you to work with us.

We have even bigger plans for March 2017. Starting the month off right we have a concert with Green Jelly we will be covering, and then we will be embarking on a national level tour with Bulletproof & the Fool. The name of the tour is the Voodoo Dolls & Dabs tour featuring Damien Quinn, and Razakel. The tour is going to take up much of our March, and into the beginning of April, but we have a lot of plans for the downtime during the tour. We know we have been talking about producing a semi daily vlog for a bit now, and we are still working on laying down the groundwork on that so we can get in the habit of producing semi regular video to show you a behind the scenes look at what we are doing. As well we are planning a couple other video projects for the road, including a show featuring #BPTF.

As we look into the end of the first quarter of the year we appreciate everyone’s support very much. Every single one of you who support Red Fox Indy helps us succeed and we don’t forget you! We see you out there supporting us! If you are interested in purchasing anything to support us you can head over to our Web Store. Currently we only have high quality stickers there, and the ability to make payments towards your projects… but if you are interested in more please contact us and let us know what you are interested in seeing in the webstore. We are planning Tshirts and prints soon. Also if you would like to support us through Patreon if you would like to help us out through that option.

That is about it for Feb! Thanks for checking in with us, we really appreciate your time.

– Rick

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