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Welcome to the home of Red Fox Indy, we are a media company located in the Indianapolis, IN area. It was started by Rick McHaffey, a Photographer and aspiring film maker. We produce the best quality possible to help preserve your memories, we design graphics to help give your product legitimacy, and now we are getting into original programming.

You can find Rick’s Portfolios on either the menus at the top of the bottom of the page. In Photography Red Fox Indy specializes in Events… such as Weddings, Concerts, Conventions, Parties, and gatherings of people. Focusing on a hyper realism style. With a eye for design we also specialize in Product photography and creating one of a kind images to help give your product value. In the world of design we give your idea a pleasant image to help your marketing and promotions. Our Branding services can be as simple as designing a logo, or setting up a whole new brand. We can help prepare your files for print, and get your project finished.

If you would like to know more about Rick, please check out the About Page.

Check back with us to take advantage of specials and check out some new images. A blog will be started soon showing what Red Fox Indy is up to, and what new content we have coming for you. We are currently in production for one series, with a couple others on the way. You will be able to check out all content here on Red Fox Indy, but also on our YouTube Page. Content will also be shared on Facebook, and other social media platforms, we appreciate Likes, Comments, Shares, and Subscriptions! Please engage with us and let us know your thoughts on our content and let us know what might like to see next.

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